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Around the world in 30 fountains (Part 1) - and Part 2
Monuments to freedom, peace and dignity from around the world
War monuments: War memorials from around the world
Buddham sharnam gachchami - A Buddhist journey
Traditions and cultures - journeys in Brazil and Mozambique
Traditions and authenticity Part 1
Down the music memory lane - my best images about music from around the world
The world of wall-paintings
The meaning of dance
My best images of horses


Nepal diary from 2006

Thailand: Bangkok visit in 2009
Thailand: Bangkok diary 2008 - Part 2 - Part 3
Mongolia: The land of never ending sky


Kenya: The Kenya diary - Part 2


The United Nations buildings in Geneva, Switzerland - a walking tour

Austria: Angels, snake-women and queens - female forms in Viennese sculptures
London: Notes from the London journey in 2008
London: Walking through the London streets in 2007
London: Strange London in my head - 2006


The mountain of God - Ramallah
El Mina, the sea port of Gaza, Palestine


Foot loose in San Paulo, Brazil


Travels in Delhi

Delhi Metro Walking tours - Rajiv Chowk and Connaught Place
Delhi Metro Walking Tours - Jor Bagh
Delhi Metro Walking Tours - Pragati Maidan
Delhi Metro Walking Tours - Qutab Minar
Delhi Metro Walking Tours - Hauz Khas
Trees with stories from Delhi zoo
Delhi: An evening on the Delhi streets
Dance: Joys of Kathak
Delhi: Off the beaten track in Delhi - 2007

Travels in the North-East

Guwahati Walking Tours - The riverside temples of Uzanbazar (2016)
Guwahati Walking Tours - Uzan Bazar, the cultural epicentre of the city (2016)
Guwahati Walking Tours - Discovering South Guwahati (2016)
Guwahati in 12 images - the year gone by (2015)
Guwahati Walking Tours - Silpukhuri, War Cemetery & Nabagraha temple (2015)
An unexpected musical evening in Guwahati, Assam (2015)
Gangtok (Sikkim) City Walks 2 - Pani House Road (2015)
Gangtok (Sikkim) walking Tour - The Ridge (2015)
Guwahati Walking Tours - Kamakhaya temple & Nilachal hill (2015)
Guwahati Walking Tours - Basistha temple (2015)
Cultural life in Guwahati (Assam) - about art, music and theatre in Guwahati (2015)
Shiva-Kali and Krishna-Radha myths (2015)
Discovering Guwahati (2015)

Travels In Other Parts Of India

Discovering Mumbai: the Kanheri caves
Deities of the Kullu Valley
Karnataka: Bidar, at the cross roads of culture
Karnataka: The reformist poet saints of Karnataka
Religions and spirituality - a journey in India


North & North-East

Beautiful Portogruaro the town of the medieval river port
A zen walk in the Golden Mountain near Schio
Palmanova and Redipuglia
Vicenza - Introducing the city of Andrea Palladio
Venice: Essential Venice for dummies
Trieste: Miramare, a castle on the sea
North-east: Seaside holidays in Bibione
North-east: Aquileia and Grado - the Roman port and the Sun city
North-east: Concordia-Sagittaria - In the rise and ebb of history
North-east: Spilimbergo, the city of painted houses
North-east: Vibrant and colourful Caorle
South Tyrol: Holidays in a mountain paradise

Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio (Central Italy)

Tuscany: Painted in burnt Siena
Tuscany: A walking tour of Florence Part 1 - Part 2
My favourite squares - Piazza del Popolo square in Rome, Italy
Rome: Footloose in Rome
Rome: Advertisements in Rome

Bologna and surroundings

Open-air art - Art in the square - about art displays in IV November square
Bologna: Baby in the womb, amazing anatomy models
Bologna: Human anatomy and royal coat-of-arms
Terracotta dreams in Bologna
Bologna: My dog's contribution to my photography
Bologna: Sparrow, shark-tooth and rocks
Bologna: Dipped in rainbows - visiting Dozza
Bologna: Tourists in Bologna
Bologna: Par Tot summer festival parade 2007
Bologna: The must see places
The Trampolieri  stilt walkers of Bologna part 1 - Part 2 (2012-13)
International music museum of Bologna
Mirabilandia and Oltremare - theme parks

South Italy and Islands

Apulia: Alberobello, travelling in the goblin land
Sicily: Castelvetrano and the Greek ruins of Selinunte - Part 2 
Salerno, the city of lights


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